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Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Austria   18 May13 July 2013
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Meter presented the latest phase in Antony Gormley’s exploration of space. In the exhibition in the Villa Kast in Salzburg, Gormley explored scale and the relativity of any measurement, which encouraged viewers to experience anew their own physical presence in space. The sculptures that were displayed on the ground floor of the gallery are larger than life; those that were on the first floor, smaller than life. Gormley’s works in this exhibition address size in two ways: first, with proportional magnification and second, with increasing expansion. The austere, totem-like figure Ward (2013), 1.5 times life-size, occupied the entrance to the gallery; it is one of a series of proportionally magnified figures that were positioned along the architectural axes of the ground floor. All the sculptures that were in the exhibition use the formal language of architecture, inviting greater awareness of spatial context in the viewer through the various ways in which they occupied the rooms in the gallery.

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