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Room Series

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The Room series originates with Room, 1980, where a set of my clothes was used to make an enclosure the size of a standard domestic room, similar to a field surrounded by a barbed-wire fence. Shoes, socks, underpants, trousers, vest, shirt, pullover and jacket were cut up into 8-millimetre-wide ribbons (just as one might peel an orange), unravelling a spiral that worked its way up the legs, body and arms. The zones of the enclosure were more or less related to areas of the body, with, for example, the trouser zone overlaying that of the socks. When first installed, this ensemble/ fence divided a 14-metre-long room in two. My ‘room’ was attached to the walls at one end and the line stretched out along and up the walls, crossing the middle of the space, dividing it into two 7-metre-squared spaces. The work takes an intimate, personal, subjective space and expands it into the architecture.

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